Disruptive Technology and Overseas Markets

Disruptive Technology and Overseas Markets

Embraer S.A. (Embraer) is one of the largest commercial aircraft companies in the world. Embraer was founded in 1969, in São José dos Campos, Brazil—where headquarters are located—and specializes in aviation technologies, solutions, services and innovation. Embraer focuses on four segments: commercial aviation, executive aviation, defense aviation, and disruptive business and technology within the aviation industry.

As an example of disruptive technology, EmbraerX, a subsidiary of Embraer, launched Eve Air Mobility Solutions, Inc. (Eve) to develop the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) ecosystem and move forward with the progression and certification of the company’s eVTOL. This is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle that combines a human-centered design philosophy with the highest levels of safety standards along with Embraer’s 50 years of engineering excellence.

"Innovation and compliance are not always seen, or understood, to be working hand in hand with each other."

Additionally, in light of the eVTOL, Embraer and Air services Australia have jointly developed a Concept of Operations (CONOPS) for the integration of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles into the low-level airspace. The CONOPS proposal is intended to integrate with all aircraft models. However, the eVTOL is expected to be the driving vehicle that will increase demand and usage for Air Traffic Management services. EmbraerX’ s CONOPS, which will promote and encourage the growth of an electric air taxi market, 

 was the first to create both quantitative and qualitative data to inform the suggestions presented in this document. The underlying goal of these projects is to improve accessibility and time savings we will come to expect from the types of products and services EmbraerX and Eve Air Mobility are developing.

As with all disruptive technology, there are risks to the company with regards to manufacturing, export classification of technology and parts, marketing, and selling and services of parts and technology. 

This is particularly relevant to overseas markets where one of our core values is  “Global Presence is Our Frontier.”

Therefore, in order to create, manufacture, sell and understand disruptive technologies and/or innovations, Embraer has created a robust compliance program to address and adhere to all relevant global sanctions and export control regulations.

Innovation and compliance are not always seen, or understood, to be working hand in hand with each other. However, having these two interlinked will ensure proper compliance regulations are being addressed through the stages of development. As with any company’s new product innovation, new ways to comply with regulations and address risk need for compliance processes and procedures need to be implemented. As an example, automated internal controls and screening technology allow for immediate sanctions updates, and export control requirements to be addressed. 

As Embraer S.A.’s Chief Compliance Officer North America, this role requires understanding product technology complexity, compliance regulations, internal artificial intelligence controls, company application, ensuring the team and global departments are aware of these intricacies while at the same time serving our customers. To accomplish this goal, we regularly review our systems for control, as well as review our policies and procedures that address risk.We hold conferences and meetings with our different business units to understand their unique products, product creation/bill of materials, target audiences, and target regions, as well as conduct customized risk-based reviews of all of Embraer’s vendors and customers.

One recommendation I have for companies is for their compliance teams to regularly reach out to the various business units in order to keep their business units abreast of the latest updates and regulations, and keep their compliance teams aware of new product innovations, technology, and requirements. This can save your company money, time, and energy going forward while at the same time providing the necessary tools and guidance in order to create and market disruptive technology and services globally.

While Embraer’s business units serve as the heart of what Embraer creates and promotes, compliance serves as the armor and needs to understand how the heart works in order to provide full protection—internally and externally.

One cannot fully assess and protect their companies’ products and services if one does not fully understand them.

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